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I thought this was gonna be a horror thing

but it ended up being adorable

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Anonymous: Can you please give me some tips for an incoming freshman?
  • Be nice to people!
  • Hand in your homework on time!
  • Talk to your teachers if you’re having problems.
  • Don’t make friends with girls who say things like “oh my god, are you really wearing that?” and “oh my god, do you really listen to them?
  • Don’t make fun of people!
  • Try and get to know as many people as you possibly can in the first few days and then stick to the ones that feel right. 
  • Try and understand that it feels like a big deal. But it’s not. 
  • You are going to grow into yourself, if you ever look in the mirror and hate yourself, remember that you are more than the way you look. 
  • Read!!!! 
  • Don’t be difficult with your teachers unless they’re complete pricks, cos it’s tough to try and control a class of rowdy teenagers and they’re exhausted too. 
  • Don’t let people pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to do. If you have friends who will stop being friends with you because you don’t want to drink with them, cut them out of your life. 
  • You’re going to struggle, that’s okay. Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t go without talking to people. You will find people who love you. Let them show you that.
  • Don’t let stupid boys make you feel bad about yourself ever!!!
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what a baby”

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I hope there are days when you fall in love with being alive.
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